Bad Frens is a Decentralized Community NFT Project WITH NO CENTRAL BODY. Bad Frens Holders will own the IP and underlying artwork of their NFTs. An NFT Collection of the People for the People and by the People. Join the Bad Frens Movement. Show Me Your Frens, I'll Tell You Who You Are

Type image/png
Size 25k
Dimension 512x512
Background Peach 2.65%
costume doodle5 6.24%
Ear silver 17.15%
Eyes 3D glasses black 8.91%
Head backward hat 6.33%
mouth mask 7.95%
Skin gray black 8.23%

Total Rarity Score: 111.33168

Rarity: #9567/9999

Bad Frens #7350

Minted by stars1je..pc4f 5 days ago. Owned by stars1je..pc4f. Collection stars1vg..sftf.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-05-26 08:24:59] mint - - stars1je..pc4f 8379531 ce56..59d8
[2023-05-26 08:24:59] airdrop - - stars1je..pc4f stars1je..pc4f 8379531 ce56..59d8