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An NFT Collection of 2222 Ant Doodles on Stargaze. Holders will benefit from Giveaways and NFT Raffles
Background Cosmic dd 1.35%
Eye Racer goggle 3.06%
Head Pink Beanie 4.37%
Mouth Brown Mustache 10.58%
Necklace Music Necklace 14.09%
Outfits Holographic Puffer 1.62%
Outline Outline 100%
Skins Red 11.79%

Total Rarity Score: 217.41

Rarity: #1392/2222

Ant Doodles #1232

Collection: Ant Doodles

Minted a year ago by stars1zf..34wc. Currently owned by stars1zf..34wc.