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Size 1000x1000
Earth Day Plastic Heroes comprises 1000 NFTs by EmpowerChain, supporting plastic cleanup via revenue from sales and royalties. Funds contribute to on-chain proof-of-collection & recycling through Deposit Schemes & Plastic Credits on EmpowerChain. As a bonus, NFT owners will receive a small MPWR airdrop and be eligible to participate in a global waste lottery once the Empower Deposit App launches.
Background Earth_day 100%
Cape Black 39.3%
Clothes Empower_tshirt 84.9%
Ears Empty 65.5%
Eyes Normal 72.2%
Face White 42.9%
Hair Short_dark 22.2%
Hat Beanie 21.1%
Holding Plastic_bottle_blue 12.3%
Mouth Smile 43.7%

Total Rarity Score: 29.63

Rarity: #918/1000

Earth Day Plastic Heroes #38

Collection: Earth Day Plastic Heroes

Minted a year ago by stars146..6dan. Currently owned by graphein.stars.