Bad Cats

Instantiated by stars184..3agp 4 months ago at #8332423. Address: stars1ph..7g4x. Minter: stars1tx..wj2y. Symbol: BADCAT. Royalties: 5%. Contract:

1000 NFTs. 2.30% airdropped. 20.70% minted. 23 airdropped. 207 minted. 770 unminted. 44 for sale. 3 burned. Floor price: 164. IPFS.

Bad Cats is an NFT collection of 1000 2D Style badass black cats with human-like characteristics. Each Bad Cat has a unique name, personalized backstory, special abilities and a cat-like quirk along with bonus stats to enhance rarity. Holding 5 Bad Cats will get you treats. Hold 9 to double your Luck

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Filtering for trait Bonus Power equal Lunar Phantasm: Gains heightened powers and ethereal abilities under the light of the moon.
Bad Cat #051: Wiggle

Wiggle: Wiggle is a mischievous and unpredictable Bad Cat known for their agilit...
Rarity #292/1000

Bad Cat #162: Grinch

Grinch: Grinch is a mischievous and cunning Bad Cat known for their ability to s...
Rarity #190/1000

Bad Cat #349: Twister

Twister: Twister is a whirlwind of energy and excitement. This Bad Cat has the a...
Rarity #94/1000

Bad Cat #459: Quill

Quill: Quill is a mysterious and elusive Bad Cat with the power to manipulate sh...
Rarity #412/1000

Bad Cat #647: Tumble

Tumble: Tumble is an acrobatic and agile Bad Cat with extraordinary gymnastic sk...
Rarity #651/1000

Bad Cat #758: Heinous

Heinous: Heinous is a malevolent and sinister Bad Cat with a penchant for chaos ...
Rarity #790/1000