Cascade: Cascade is a fluid and adaptable Bad Cat who possesses the power of water manipulation. They can control and manipulate water, whether it's in the form of rain, rivers, or even the moisture in the air. Cascade can summon powerful water currents, create whirlpools, or even solidify water into ice for offense or defense. They excel in aquatic environments, using their control over water to navigate swiftly and launch devastating hydrokinetic attacks. Cascade's mastery of water manipulation makes them a force to be reckoned with, as they can drown their opponents or unleash powerful waves to wash away their adversaries.

Type image/png
Size 3M
Dimension 2048x2048
Armor 10 8.5%
Behavior Ambusher 2%
Bonus Power Elemental Tamer: Forms bonds w... 0.8%
Charisma 13 7.2%
Personality Manipulative 2%
Power 12 7.4%
Quirk Nose Art Expert: Leaving artis... 1%
Special Ability Scent Connoisseur: Relishes in... 0.9%
Speed 13 7.9%
Stealth 28 1.4%

Total Rarity Score: 559.36505

Rarity: #152/1000

Bad Cat #1002: Cascade

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