Crafty: Crafty is a Bad Cat who excels in strategic planning and cunning tactics. They possess a keen intellect and a talent for devising intricate plans and strategies to outmaneuver their opponents. Crafty's approach to battle focuses on exploiting weaknesses, setting traps, and manipulating their adversaries. They excel in analyzing their opponents' fighting styles and finding the most effective countermeasures. Crafty's strategic mind and cunning tactics make them a formidable adversary, as they outwit and outmaneuver their opponents at every turn.

Type image/png
Size 3M
Dimension 2048x2048
Armor 19 5.7%
Behavior Curious 3%
Bonus Power Ephemeral Songbird: Sings haun... 0.8%
Charisma 16 6%
Personality Persuasive 2%
Power 20 4.9%
Quirk Catnip Connoisseur: Showing an... 1%
Special Ability Agile Pouncer: Executes precis... 1.3%
Speed 16 6.1%
Stealth 10 8.4%

Total Rarity Score: 468.1733

Rarity: #873/1000

Bad Cat #1001: Crafty

Minted by stars184..3agp 5 days ago. Collection stars1ph..7g4x.

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