Yoyo: Yoyo is a versatile and agile Bad Cat who possesses the power of kinetic energy manipulation. They can control and manipulate the energy of motion, imbuing their yoyo weapon with incredible force and speed. Yoyo's attacks become a blur of kinetic energy, striking with pinpoint accuracy and devastating impact. They can also use their yoyo to create energy constructs or deflect incoming projectiles. Yoyo's mastery over kinetic energy makes them a formidable adversary, capable of delivering lightning-fast and powerful strikes.

Type image/png
Size 3M
Dimension 2048x2048
Armor 12 8%
Behavior Ambusher 2%
Bonus Power Elemental Herald: Channels the... 0.6%
Charisma 19 5.6%
Personality Ferocious 2%
Power 19 5.8%
Quirk Doorbell Diva: Alerting the ho... 1.2%
Special Ability Fearless: Displays fearlessnes... 1.3%
Speed 10 8.7%
Stealth 20 5%

Total Rarity Score: 506.01587

Rarity: #551/1000

Bad Cat #926: Yoyo

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