Kindred: Kindred is a Bad Cat with an innate connection to spirits and the supernatural. They can communicate with and summon the spirits of the departed. Kindred can call upon the spectral entities to aid them in battle, harnessing their otherworldly powers. They have the ability to channel the energy of the spirits, gaining enhanced strength, agility, and even the ability to phase through solid objects. Kindred's connection to the spiritual realm and their ability to harness spectral energy make them a formidable opponent, as they can tap into forces beyond the mortal realm.

Type image/png
Size 3M
Dimension 2048x2048
Armor 12 8%
Behavior Independent 2.2%
Bonus Power Stormcaller: Summons and contr... 0.7%
Charisma 14 7%
Personality Charming 2%
Power 11 8.2%
Quirk Feathered Fashionista: Sportin... 1.2%
Special Ability Skilled Hunter: Possesses exce... 1.2%
Speed 10 8.7%
Stealth 18 5.1%

Total Rarity Score: 475.0613

Rarity: #827/1000

Bad Cat #835: Kindred

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