Zephyr: Zephyr is a swift and elusive Bad Cat who harnesses the power of the wind. They can manipulate air currents, creating gusts, whirlwinds, or even summoning powerful storms. Zephyr's control over the wind grants them exceptional speed and agility, allowing them to move with incredible swiftness and grace. They can create barriers of swirling winds for defense or launch razor-sharp blasts of air as offensive projectiles. Zephyr's mastery over the wind makes them a formidable opponent, as they can control the battlefield and strike with unparalleled speed and precision.

Type image/png
Size 3M
Dimension 2048x2048
Armor 29 1%
Behavior Perceptive 3.7%
Bonus Power Celestial Guardian: Protects a... 0.8%
Charisma 12 7.5%
Personality Enigmatic 4.1%
Power 24 3.3%
Quirk Window Watcher: Spending hours... 1.4%
Special Ability Cautious: Approaches new situa... 1.3%
Speed 21 5.1%
Stealth 11 7.8%

Total Rarity Score: 500.83368

Rarity: #609/1000

Bad Cat #1003: Zeppelin

Minted by stars184..3agp 4 days ago. Collection stars1ph..7g4x.

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