The Great Cosmic War has been lost. All Watchers who rebelled have been cast out from the heavens. The great fall has begun.The journey continues, as many of The Fallen have set their eyes upon the beauty of the Owlies on Earth. Filled with desire and lust for power, these Fallen take the Owlies as wives and give birth to the next generation of Owlie hybrids that will come to rule and inherit the Earth. To Be Continued…

Type image/png
Size 2M
Dimension 1024x1024
Background Epic Dark Ibc Background 7 1.25%
Eyes Rare Dark Stargaze Eyes 5 2.26%
Face Gear Epic Dark Ohh Face Gear 1 1.15%
Head Epic Dark Cosmwasm Head 7 0.98%
Knowledge 168 1.05%
Strength 181 0.51%
Suit Epic Dark Chihuahua Suit 7 0.98%
Weapon Epic Dark Ohh Weapon 7 1.05%

Total Rarity Score: 804.49146

Rarity: #997/2963

The Fallen #1971

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