A serum of untold potential, first discovered in the black market. This serum can be used to transform your Lonely Astro into a KLLR Astro

Type video/mp4
Size 4M
Dimension 1136x1136

Total Rarity Score: 0

This token has no rarity. All tokens have the same rarity score.

Black Market Serum #441

Minted by stars1tt..ffh7 4 days ago. Owned by stars1du..zg02. Collection stars1kp..gc2e.

Event From To Block Tx
[2023-05-25 19:16:22] mint - - stars1du..zg02 8371472 37d9..415d
[2023-05-25 19:16:22] airdrop - - stars1tt..ffh7 stars1du..zg02 8371472 37d9..415d