Instantiated by stars19k..h4tw 5 days ago at #8349341. Address: stars1kd..qu8y. Minter: stars1lq..c3mv. Symbol: THX. Royalties: 7%. Contract:

25 NFTs. 60.00% minted. 0 airdropped. 15 minted. 10 unminted. 0 for sale. IPFS.

As we witness a transition the THX collection presents repro quality JPGs of robotic drawings, blurring analog and digital realms. Images shift between pixels and physical lines, exploring the appropriation of existing media. The age of complete reproducibility challenges the creation of something truly new. The project employs web search, AI and handpicked imagery shuffled by the "Wheel of Fortune" randomizer tool. THX holders enjoy a 25% discount on a commission or any physical piece of the series.

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Holy Bic

In the frame's fusion, divinity dances with fiery passion, A symbol of power ble...
No rarity

Simply Incredible

Within the canvas's realm, technology's past entwines, Brushstrokes capture a wo...
No rarity

Big Girls

In a realm of dreams, creation thrives, Eyes ablaze, fierce spirit survives. Anc...
No rarity

Upside Down

Topsy-turvy stone, a mythic realm reborn, Seductive ink, desires sensually adorn...
No rarity

Oriental Hentai

An aged hand, the artist's grace, Unveils a world where beauty finds its place, ...
No rarity


In brush's embrace, an idealized form, Wounded visage, rebellion takes storm, Ar...
No rarity

Vitruvian Pepe

In geometric lines, harmony and might, Visions of genius, da Vinci's light, Frog...
No rarity


A miser's grasp, wealth's wicked play, Joker's grin, cards in disarray, Ancient ...
No rarity

Yin Yang

In fragments twain, the yin and yang, Wildcat's ink, Japan's spirit sang, Dancin...
No rarity

An Image I Found Online and Liked in Red

Graceful countenance, Asian allure, Fortune's find, a portrait so pure, In crims...
No rarity

Three Images I Found Online and Liked

A dog's fierce bark, nature's alarm, Cherries sweet, temptations warm, A girl's ...
No rarity

Hard You Know

Veiled allure, faces concealed, Hand fan whispers secrets, concealed, Bare canva...
No rarity