The Chipmunks of the Coffeenauts are a rowdy and energetic bunch, always ready for a good time. They love to play pranks on their fellow Coffeenauts, and are known for their quick wit and clever banter. Despite their mischievous ways, the Chipmunks are also fiercely loyal to their friends and will go to great lengths to protect them. They are always up for a cup of coffee and can often be found perched atop a table, chatting with their fellow Coffeenauts and enjoying the lively atmosphere of the Cosmos coffeehouse. Some of the more notable Chipmunks include the sharp-tongued Chester and the laid-back, easygoing Louie.

Type image/png
Size 7M
Dimension 2048x3072
Attribute None 55.6%
Legendary None 88%
Species Chipmunk 4.4%
Style Monet 8%

Total Rarity Score: 38.162197

Rarity: #14/250

Chipmunk #3

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