Welcome to Wiz World, where the line between dark and light is as thin as a wizard's wand. But this realm of powerful and unpredictable magic wasn't always so chaotic. Legends tell of a time when Wiz World was ruled by a wise and benevolent Grand Mage, and the people lived in harmony with nature and the magical creatures that roamed the land. But that all changed when the Grand Mage's magic began to wane, he feared for the future of Wiz World. And so, he summoned the greatest wizards and sorcerers of the realm to create a magical barrier to protect it from those who would seek to exploit its magic for their own gain. The barrier was a success, but as the wizards were celebrating, something went wrong. The magic they used to create the barrier became unstable, and the barrier began to pulsate with a sickly green light, emanating a terrible energy that threatened to consume all the magic of Wiz World. The wizards knew they had to act fast and sealed the barrier deep beneath the earth. But in doing so, they had unknowingly changed Wiz World forever. The magic of the realm had become unpredictable, and mischievous mages rose to power, using their magic to wreak havoc on the once-peaceful land. Now, the line between dark and light in Wiz World is thinner than ever before, and the mischievous mages reign supreme. It is up to those who dare to venture into this realm of unpredictable magic to decide whether to embrace the darkness or fight to restore balance to the realm and bring peace to its people once more.

Type image/png
Size 1M
Dimension 1024x1024

Total Rarity Score: 203.4777

Rarity: #29/2555

Wizard #2024

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